ColdSpots_01-1Cold Spots #1

Image Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Mark Torres

Letters by Simon Bowland

In a small home, a man wonders why it seems so cold in his home even though the thermostat is set to over 70. As he confronts his wife, he sees what she’s looking at and is shocked. In the city, Mr. Kerr is called to the manor home of Mr. Warren. After being taken to Warren’s office, we find out that the two men share a history and not a pleasant one to be sure. When Warren presents Kerr with the case that he is being hired for, it and the people he is hired to find hit close to home for the investigator.


After searching Warren’s daughter Alyssa’s room for clues, he brings himself to see the room of the woman’s daughter Grace and decides to confront the one person in the house who seems to know everything that is going on in it, the butler. After finally getting some answers, Kerr’s investigation begins and it looks like it is going to take him to some truly bizarre places and on a supernatural trip he might not be prepared for.

Cold Spots #1 definitely hits all of the emotional and visual cues to craft an interesting and scary story. Bunn does a great job of setting up these characters and situations in a way that keeps a reader interested and there are enough secrets and mysteries throughout this issue to make the story infinitely compelling both externally and internally for the character, especially Kerr. I enjoy a story where the secrets and lies being kept are good enough to drive the story forward to interesting places and this first issue looks like it can do that.

Torres does amazing things with the art in this issue. I love both the style and color palate used. There are some amazing visuals involving shadow and light and Torres crafts an amazingly dense and rich atmosphere for these characters to move around in. Great first issue and a really intriguing story.

Cold Spots #1




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