Marvel Cinematic Universe star Cobie Smulders is staying in the world of comics with her next role.


According to Deadline, Smulders will take the lead role in a new series based on the Oni Press graphic novel series Stumptown.


The pilot for the series is being produced by ABC Studios and written by Jason Richman and Ruben Fleischer. Stumptown tells the story of Dex Parios, a former army vet working as a private investigator in Portland, Oregon. The sharp-witted PI has a complicated history. According to the Deadline story;

Smulders’ Dex is a whip-smart, hard-luck heroine you can’t help but get behind. Once a decorated Military Intelligence officer overseas, Dex is now back home in Portland, Oregon, unable to hold down a steady job, spinning her wheels, running up gambling debts, waiting for trouble to catch up with her — and so it does.

Richman and Fleischer will executive produce along with writer Greg Rucka and Matthew Southwork.


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