Season 1 Episode 5

Get Right With God

Clarice is captured by the sister of a suspect after she uncovers the truth and the rest of the VICAP team goes searching for one of their own.

Clarice goes alone to follow up on a suspect and discovers that her suspect is closer than she thought. After being taken and restrained, she is drugged and tortured for information about the whereabouts of the reporter that was connected to the murdered women. Her distress takes her back into her memories where she encounters her dead father and the circumstances that caused her to run away from home after his death. The scene is sufficiently suspenseful and is almost enough to overcome the cliché plot point of the lead being captured.

There are some really interesting suspenseful moments as Clarice finds herself in a battle of wits with her captor who wants to know what the FBI knows but doesn’t seem to know how she’s being used. The suspense transfers from Clarice being tortured for information to the coma patients around her being tortured to motivate her. As the rest of the team follows Starling’s trail, Krendler tries to salvage his personal life. Things get worse for Clarice as she finds herself not reliving her trauma, but someone else’s. The tension gets even worse when she’s drugged again. The scene is really scary as you watch Clarice be rendered helpless with help closer than she imagined.

Clarice’s connection to her captor gives her an opportunity to escape, but it’s thwarted by the shadowy figure that seems to be in charge. The episode does a great job of keeping the mystery intriguing and the pace of the rest of the episode really picks up as Clarice has the requisite moment of clarity that comes in the third act of an episode like this.

The latest episode of Clarice was really engaging. It set up some interesting story beats and did a great job of moving the series forward while developing the character. While many of the story moments in the episode were cliché, the production does a great job of making them interesting in relation to the characters.

Clarice S01XE05



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