CharliesAngels0505011ACifueCharlie’s Angels #5

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by John Layman

Art by Joe Eisma

Colors by Celeste Woods

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The finale of the story begins with the story being recounted by former CIA agent Bryce. The Angels have secured the President and preparing to move him after the failed assassination attempt by the Satansbratan. Unfortunately, things are going to get more dangerous for the President and the Angels as their rescue only gives them two hours to save both Ted Gardner and Charlie himself an the Angels are halfway around the world.


It’s a literal race against the clock (and the entire French police force) as they speed to the lair of the woman responsible for the planned assassination. As they zip through the countryside, Sabrina puts a new plan into place. One that will hopefully secure Ted and Charlie. Let’s just hope Bosley is up for the challenge.

The final part of this story is pure fun in both the writing and the action. Layman does a great job of pacing the action of the story in a way that everything feels like it’s moving. There’s some clever humor in this issue and the over the top action and thrills are all balanced with characters you’ve come to care about.

Layman does some great panel work in the action scenes in this issue. The art really complements the story and its pace. This was a fun finale that wrapped up an enjoyable storyline.

Charlie's Angels #5




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