Writer Charles Soule has been writing Daredevil for Marvel Comics for more than three years and he’s decided to go out with a bang with his final arc for the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

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According to Soule’s monthly newsletter, issue #612 will be his last writing the character. ” I’ve had Daredevil in my back pocket for a long time now, and it will be hard to say good-bye. That said, this is the way it goes – you never own these characters, you just guide them for a time, and try to add things to their stories and their legacies. I hope I did a good job.” he said. Soule goes on to explain to readers;

“My final arc is a four-parter running from 609-612 called THE DEATH OF DAREDEVIL, and it’s part of a long tradition of Daredevil writers doing everything they can to screw with the next writer. I wanted to do the biggest, craziest version of that I could… so I decided to kill Matt Murdock. Good luck, next writer.” he says.


Soule is not done at the House of Ideas yet. He still has Return of Wolverine (which is entering its second printing), his final issue of Poe Dameron #31 and his continued work on Darth Vader. He alludes to four other projects in the works with Marvel as well.



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