Castle Rock


Season 1 Episode 8

Past Perfect


The couple who purchased the home of the late Warden Lacy have decided to open a unique bed and breakfast in Castle Rock and, like most people who come to the town, they have their own drama that they dragged along with them. Drama that comes to life when they get their first booking and the couple who stays with them reminds him of his wife’s infidelity. A subject both of them are trying to work through. When he decides to act out by killing the couple in their room, the drama intensifies with the pair of them trying to hide what he’s done while at the same time dealing with interlopers like Jackie Torrance snooping around.


Molly finally finds Henry and frees him from the chamber he was kept in. He immediately goes home and discovers the Kid there with his son, Ruth safely tucked away. When he follows the kid out to the garage, he finds the body of Alan Pangborn. The Kid wants him to hide the body, but Henry calls the police and in the aftermath, he finds himself back at Warden Lacy’s home investigating one of the biggest secrets of the series. A secret that almost gets him killed. Later, Molly tries to find Henry and finds herself face to face with the Kid who has some shocking news for her.


Last week’s episode was a tour de force for both the overall narrative and in performances. This episode meandered around so much that you could never get a sense of what it was trying to convey. Other than the moments with the Kid and Molly, everything in this episode seemed to be trying to find a way to be relevant and failing. Henry continues to float through the story with little to no purchase in this episode. Molly and her story are not given the development they deserve and opportunities to expand the story or develop the characters are wasted.

Castle Rock S01XE08




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