Titans is set to premiere this fall of the DC Comics streaming service DC Universe and there has been some updated news about the casting of the live action series.

It was reported back in January that actor Seamus Dever would be taking a role on the upcoming Titans series and it looks like we know what that role could be. According to reports in Fandom Wire, Heroic Hollywood and others, Dever will be taking on the role of Trigon in the Titans series.

It’s been rumored that the bulk of the first season of Titans will focus on Teagan Croft’s character Raven with mystical elements added to the show. In the comics, Trigon is Raven’s father and an interdimensional demon with the powers of telepathy, energy projection, immortality, reality manipulation and super strength.

Dever is known for his roles on series like General Hospital, Army Wives and Castle. He can next be seen in the film The Extraordinary Farewell.

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