Captain Marvel The End #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Carol is called back to Earth in the wake of tragedy as she flies one final mission for all of humanity.


In the not to distant future, Carol Danvers continues to defend the galaxy against threats. The age of heroes is over and the devastating losses keep her from going back to the planet. When a message comes in from the long barren planet Earth, Carol flies back to discover that the planet is not so inhabitable and those that are left are the descendants of the people she loved.

From the children of heroes to near invulnerable mutants and others, life does continue beneath the surface. Life that is under threat from a creature they can’t defeat alone. Carol returns to help and catch up with some familiar faces, but she and the others know that a bigger threat is what they called her home about. One that could be the pilot’s final flight.

The Story: Stirring and emotional, Kelly Thompson delivers an almost pitch perfect story about the resilience and heroism of Carol Danvers. This story is touching in its focus not on Carol as a powerhouse, but as Carol Danvers the hero. Not only are there some great emotional moments throughout the story, but Thompson eases the reader into the ending in a way that makes it both a surprise as well as confirmation of the lengths Captain Marvel will go for the people she loves and the sacrifices she will make for others. A well told and satisfying story.

The Art: Carmen Carnero provides some stunning art throughout this issue. The story is very character focused and that is reflected in art that showcases the characters laughing together, fighting together and being expressive in their conversations with each other. The action moments look incredible and the effects to bring to life Carol’s evolution of her powers is beautiful.

Captain Marvel The End #1




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