750599._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Captain Marvel #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Carol Danvers faces her biggest fear in this issue.

Rogue has returned and the mutant that took everything from Carol is back to take it again through the machinations of Nuclear Man.


Unfortunately for Carol, Rogue’s powers have evolved to the point where she can steal someone’s energy without having skin contact. Even with its limited range, the surprise of the fight and the resilience of Rogue are more than enough to knock Carol out.

Back at the base, with Carol in the hands of Nuclear Man, the rest of the team will have to find a way to storm the castle and take him down once and for all. Som gives them all the information he has including the fact that his father has plans for an arena style face off between Carol and Rogue. The victor will become his bride and father him super Powered offspring.

Vowing to not let that happen, the teams prepare for the assault. As the games begin, Carol realizes that the inky way to free both of them will be for her to give her powers to Rogue again in order to remove the collar keeping Rogue under Nuclear Man’s control. Knowing what this did to her last time, she gets Rogue to agree, but it might be too late for all of them when Carol’s forces attack and Nuclear Man reveals that this was all an elaborate trap.

Kelly Thompson delivers a powerhouse story in this issue. Having Carol square off against Rogue in this story was inspired and allowed the reader to revisit a defining moment in the characters life. It is an emotional gut punch for Carol and gives the reader more insight into how insipid Nuclear Man is. Speaking of Nuclear Man, I didn’t think I could be disgusted with him as a character, but this issue managed to do it. His smug attitude was a little too much to deal with at times, but it wasn’t too distracting.

Carmen Carnero delivers some fantastic art in this issue with beautiful character designs and amazing fight scenes throughout.

Captain Marvel #4




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