Captain Marvel #30

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson and Jamie McKelvie

Art by Jacopo Camagni and Jamie McKelvie

Colors by Espen Grundetjern

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Carol confronts Enchantress and finds herself facing two powerful enemies.

Carol returns to Amora after escaping from the booby trap laid out for anyone looking for the object she stole and learns that there is more to magic than she realized. After confronting Enchantress about the object, she learns that it is powerful enough to help her stop Ove, but when Amora reads Carol’s mind and discovers what she really wants to do, a battle ensues that will bring the future despot back into her life.

The second story involves Carol coming to see Kamala Khan and asking for a favor. Kamala in turn takes her on a stroll through her daily routine that will culminate in a lesson to the hero about her impact on the world she protects.

The Story: Thompson does a great job of bringing this arc to a satisfying conclusion. Not only is there a great resolution for Carol’s decision to end her relationship with Rhodey, but the story does an awesome job of making that resolution feel organic rather than forced. The story also does a great job of setting up Carol to deal with some more interesting issues in the future that will take her out of her comfort zone.

The second story by McKelvie does a brilliant job of showing Carol something she really needed to see and having Kamala be the person who takes her on that particular journey is a great idea. There is some real heart in this story and I like the pacing and dialogue of it immensely.

The Art: Camagni delivers some great art throughout the story. The characters look amazing and the action is big, broad and exciting. McKelvie does a great job of building the atmosphere and place of the story in the second story and you get a real sense of the neighborhood and its people.

Captain Marvel #30



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