Captain Marvel #28

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Jacopo Camagni

Colors by Espen Grundetjern

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Still dealing with the events in the possible future, Carol must find a way to end Ove’s plan by seeking out help.

Carol is still reeling from the information she learned about Ove’s takeover of the planet. Her nightmares are filled with the images of her friends dying and meeting with Jess gives her an idea. An idea that takes her straight to the Sanctum Sanctorum. A prospect that Carol will find jarring considering her recent tryst with Doctor Strange. Jess figures out what happens and everything gets awkward. When Jess has to leave, Carol gets to the reason why she’s there.

Carol wants to learn magic in order to stop Ove’s attack. A prospect that Strange is skeptical of knowing Carol’s personality. When Carol explains why she needs to learn, Strange is more receptive. After agreeing to help her, he takes her somewhere steeped in magic. A place where she will get a crash course in what is holding her back. When she doesn’t get the help she hopes for, she decides to take a darker path.

The Story: Thompson is crafting a new and intriguing story for Carol in this issue. Pivoting off her previous adventure gives the reader a great sense of continuity and her interactions with Strange are great. I love the humor mixed into the story as well and the plot takes some great turns right up to the biggest twist so far.

The Art: Camagni delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The characters look fantastic and the style is engaging. A great looking issue.

Captain Marvel #28



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