Captain Marvel #16

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Lee Garbett

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Captured by Vox Supreme, Carol must find a way to escape the creature and prevent it from killing thousands.


Relying on her friends to both trust her and be ready to step in when she needs them, Carol confronts Vox Supreme at its base. Using a modified device provided by Tony Stark, Carol escapes from both suit she was forced into and attacks the creature. As she fights to keep it off balance, the next part of her plan goes into effect.

With Vox Supreme distracted, the rest of the Avengers begin the next phase of the plan and both isolate and defuse the bombs implanted in the Kree refugees on Earth. As Carol learns the full extent of the villains plans stopping it and rescuing the Kree will require a race against time and the use of some unexpected tactics from the Captain.

The Story: Kelly Thompson brings this arc to a fun, exciting, surprising and satisfying conclusion. While Carol remains center stage in the story, her reliance on her friends and teammates showcases the kind of character she is and how people are willing to both trust in her and follow her lead. The plan itself is well executed and fun to see change and evolve. This was an enjoyable and entertaining conclusion that teases some interesting stories to come.

The Art: Lee Garbett delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The action is fantastic and expansive as Carol takes on Vox Supreme and the rest of the Avengers coordinate their efforts to rescue the potential bombs. A great looking issue that is visual exciting and filled with impressive details.

Captain Marvel #16




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