Captain Marvel #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Alyssa Wong

Art by Jan Bazaldua

Colors by Bryan Valenza

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Carol Danvers faces a powerful foe and finds herself bonded to a reluctant new partner.

A new threat calling herself the Omen has emerged in New York and Carol Danvers fights to bring her down. Unfortunately, the villain can drain Carol’s powers and that puts her in danger. At the same time, a young thief named Yuna breaks into the home of Genis-Vell hoping to find some loot and finds herself bonded to his Nega-Bands.

As a result of her using the bands, she finds herself bonded to Carol Danvers and brings her back from the Negative Zone just in time to face down Omen again.

The Story: The story is interesting and there is some great action in it. Unfortunately, the thing that I don’t like about the story is what permeates throughout the first issue. Having Carol forced to be bonded to Yuna is a miss in my opinion. It reduces Carol’s character to a supporting role in her own story while elevating a character that doesn’t seem to be able to stand on her own without Carol. The dynamic doesn’t have anything new or fresh about it and becomes annoying quickly.

The Art: Bazaldua delivers some great art in the issue. I love the visual style and how it crafts the characters. I love the new look for Carol as well.

Captain Marvel #1



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