Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #11

Marvel Comics

Written by Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by Nolan Woodard

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Power makes his next move in New York and Steve and company need to take him down to save the city.

Power squares off against Steve Rogers while the rest of his team is pinned down by the new and more lethal MODOK who just killed one of their friends. At the same time, Bucky watches from the Outer Circle carrier as events unfold according to his plan.

Unfortunately for Power, Steve Rogers is more resilient than he thought and smarter than he believed as Cap and his Invaders find a way to fight back against both threats. As Steve tries to rebuild both his home and his relationships, an unexpected visitor arrives and someone he thought he could trust could be working against him.

The Story: Kelly and Lanzing bring this part of the arc to a satisfying conclusion. The action was great and I really enjoyed seeing Steve act as a part of a team. I liked the battle with Power, but the conflict with Bucky continues to intrigue me as a reader and the writers continue to do a great job of ramping up the tension between the pair while leaving us to speculate on what the end game will be with them. I look forward to seeing what happens next in Captain America: Cold War.

The Art: Carnero delivers some awesome visual in the issue. The art is dynamic, thrilling and visually exciting. The action is great and I love the visual contrast between the Steve Rogers moments and the ones with Bucky.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #11



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