The ‘Star-Spangled Avenger’ and “The best there is at what he does” join forces for a new adventure from Marvel Comics.


According to Marvel Comics, the same organization that transformed Steve Rogers into the super soldier known as Captain America didn’t stop their research and experiments. Their research brought to North where they took James Howlett and turned him into the one-man killing machine known as Wolverine.

With both subjects considered failures by the organization, they sank deeper into the shadows and continued their work. Writer Ethan Sacks, artist Diogenes Neves, colorist Federico Blee, and inker Adriano Di Benedetto will bring to light the connections between Wolverine, Captain America and more super-soldiers as the two heroes team up to discover who are the new Weapons being unleashed on the world.


The first issue of Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus #1 will be released July 10th from Marvel Comics. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the new series in the comments below.

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