43B52F2A-060A-4AB3-A51E-A1FD44B96820Captain America #701

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Leonardo Romero, Adam Hughes and J.G. Jones

Colors by Matthew Wilson, Adam Hughes and Paul Mounts

Any issue of Cap that starts with World War II cap taking out fascists is a good one and the opening of this issue doesn’t disappoint as we get Steve and Bucky going after a rogue scientist who has a sample of Erskine’s formula and the sequence looks stunning as Steve takes on Nazi dominatrix Warrior Woman while Bucky goes for the scientist.


In the distant future, Jack, a descendant of Steve Rogers is dealing with his son Steve’s illness. An illness that the Super Soldier Serum is not helping with. Jack, like any father, is desperate for answers. We’re given a glimpse into his life in the future and an explanation about Steve’s legacy as well as his influence on this future Earth. It’s a cool moment that I wished was expanded on a little more. The moment and the tension are well paced though with Jack confronting the president about getting the intel the doctors need and the fact that there seems to be a mystery about why he can’t.

The story then shifts to the 60’s where Steve is working with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D on a case that involves a traveling band and Doctor Faustus. While it’s an interesting aside, the real story is back in the future where Jack Rogers discovers something disturbing about the serum and how it’s being used and the government’s connection to the Kree. It’s a well paced political thriller at this point as Jack must escape from the White House and find a way to get back to his son while the government is in hot pursuit.

An interesting story with some high stakes and a different take on the legacy of Steve Rogers that is worth exploring.

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