E012139A-DA2C-4C26-982D-6BA0B02DE0CECaptain America #700

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Chris Samnee

Colors by Matthew Wilson

Just because Babbington’s reign has come to an end doesn’t mean the battle has ended. As the newly declared king of the United States Steve Rogers continues to battle Rampart throughout the remaining American territories. At the same time, Liang and Bruce Banner are working on a device that just might end this conflict once and for all.


I love how the beginning pages of this issue are not about trying to win the war, but about trying to hold onto the peace after victory is declared. Waid shows the reality of the after-effects of a conflict by having Steve deal with the consequences of unseating Babbington and undoing the deals the despot put in place to keep the country from being invaded. As the reality of the task at hand becomes clear to both Steve and the reader, there are some moments of genuine admiration for how Steve is being portrayed.

Chris Samnee’s art captures those moments beautifully with an amazing montage of images showing Steve getting his hands dirty to help rebuild America. It’s Steve at his most idealistic and it’s a reminder why he endures as more than a symbol. Unfortunately, his idealism is about come at a cost. A cost that puts Steve in a position where has to make another sacrifice in order to be of real value to the effort to save the country.

The conclusion of this issue is awesome and anything I say about it will only spoil the overall story, which I suggest you pick up and read. To put it simply, Steve Rogers shows why he is Captain America in the last few pages and it is inspiring both visually and in the narrative. It’s great to witness and confirms who Cap is as a hero and what he’s willing to do to be one. Also, the end of the issue has an awesome new story featuring classic artwork by Jack Kirby.


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