It’s been reported recently by both Collider and The Hollywood Reporter that Sony is currently developing another Spider-Man film from the writers of the upcoming Morbius film. This new film will focus on the character of Madame Web, created in 1980 by writer Denny O’Neill and artist John Romita Jr.


Mostly relegated to a supporting role in Spider-Man’s adventures and serving as either a guide or external push, Web is almost never part of the action due to both her gifts of being a telepath and clairvoyant as well as her paralysis and blindness. I find myself wondering what kind of solo film Sony could be envisioning for the character. Other than her supporting appearances in Spider-Man and Spider-Woman’s adventures, Madame Web has never carried her own series. So it’s strange that she would be given her own solo film.

The only possible plot that could make sense would be an origin story but, while Web has an interesting backstory, she doesn’t have the kind of recognition fans outside the comics and the 1990’s animated Spider-Man series share.



So what could Sony do with Madame Web cinematically?

After some missteps with Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man films, Sony has found financial, critical and audience success with Spider-Man’s last two adventures along with the Venom solo film starring Tom Hardy. Another Spidey spin-off film based on Morbius the Living Vampire is in production. The challenge will be how they leverage that success and bring those characters together.

That’s where Madame Web comes in.


Madame Web could serve as the conduit to bridge these characters together and build a connected Spider-Verse. The next Venom film should lay the groundwork for this with a post credits scene that showcases the growing threat of the symbiotes and feature Madame Web being alerted to that threat and preparing for it. It could be something as simple as having her bathed in shadow with a voice over that says “It’s time to begin.” before the audience sees the outline of her web shaped life support device.

Morbius could feature a similar scene where the clairvoyant Madame Web sees a vision that prompts her to gather the growing Spider-Verse heroes and their allies together to fight a common enemy. She could even be used as a catalyst for Venom and Spider-Man to fight each other as she both tests Peter’s skills and resolve as well as tests Eddie’s control over Venom’s more violent impulses. Even the introduction of Carnage could serve as a way of moving Web’s agenda along as his presence could cause the very cataclysm she’s trying to prevent.


This also gives Sony the opportunity to have some connective tissue between stories and introduce characters like Spider-Woman, Silk, a live action Miles Morales, Spider-Man 2099 and others organically with Madame Web serving as a conduit to bring them together to fight a bigger threat.

Sony has an interesting and unique opportunity to do something innovative with the character of Madame Web. If they utilize her in a way that makes sense to both her history and her unique place in the Spider-Man universe, I would definitely purchase a ticket to see the character on the big screen.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the character of Madam Web? How do you think she should be included into the expanding Spider-Man universe for Sony? Let me know in the comments below.

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