Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Developer Infinity Ward has returned with its newest entry this fall with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. I have been a CoD fan since the first World War II based FPS games and, with few exceptions, have always been a first or second day purchaser of the new title when it’s released. Admittedly, some of the previous iterations of the franchise have been less than inspiring both in the multiplayer and, especially, in the single player campaign. With the exception of the first Black Ops title, I have not played any of the recent single player campaign modes all the way through.

That being said, I have actually been pleasantly impressed with the story in Infinite Warfare. Taking the story into the future allows for a broad landscape with which to craft a story of separatists vs Earth forces and the introduction of Admiral Salen Kotch (played with scene eating relish by Game of Thrones Kit Harrington) as the villain.


You play a captain of the USNA Earth forces tasked with crippling the SDF forces as they try to destroy anyone loyal to Earth. You are joined by Marine Sgt. Omar (played by Supergirl‘s David Harewood) as one of your mission partners.


The game does have a definite Mass Effect feel to it and there are nods to Titanfall in aspects of the gameplay, but overall, the single player campaign is fun.

One of the newest additions to the single player game is the ability to pilot your own jet. Unfortunately, as fun as it is, it does seem a little dated when compared to newer games like No Man’s Sky. Infinity Ward is taking baby steps into this new paradigm shift in gaming, but they need to really commit to innovation if they want to keep loyal players and attract new ones. The multiplayer maps are immersive and massive and have areas designed for every type of player.


If you pre-ordered the game, you also received Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. This is the original game with the engaging single player story and multiplayer maps that we all remember. The look of the remastered characters and maps are a reminder of how far the technology has come in the next-gen consoles.


If you’re a CoD fan, I recommend picking this game up. It’s fun both as a single player and multiplayer game. The Modern Warfare Remaster is genuine nostalgic fun and the look of the characters and maps are what one would expect from a next-gen console.

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