Call of Duty Black Ops IV



Call of Duty Black Ops IV has forgone the single player campaign of previous Call of Duty and Black Ops games and put everything into the multiplayer experience. The specialist characters are back and there is a new Battle Royale mode added to this game in addition to a new Zombies storyline.



Activision has done an amazing job of updating the graphics for this title. The character renders are more detailed. The maps are highly detailed and immersive and the Battle Royale areas look great. Even the details in the kills have improved. They have added a higher level of brutality to many of the kills that many could find excessive.


maxresdefault (8)

Black Ops IV gameplay is relatively standard for a first person shooter, but the game does some innovative things with both perks and specialties for each specialist. The game follows the rules of an FPS and the ranking system is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.


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Black Ops IV is infinitely replay-able even before the first DLC gets released. With the immersive maps, a fun, brand new Zombie experience and a brand new Battle Royale mode I have been playing the game for hours across multiple days. I look forward to the new DLC that’s coming including any new or classic maps.



Call of Duty Black Ops IV




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