Buffy_003_A_MainBuffy the Vampire Slayer #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Jordie Bellaire

Art by Dan Mora

Colors by Raul Angulo

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Things are going to get even weirder in Sunnydale, Giles is playing guitar.

That piece of weird aside, Buffy is sent out to track down where the jewelry that’s been protecting vampires came from. Unfortunately, Anya’s shop is in a wreck when Spike shows up after Drusilla releases and Vampire slaying giant bat monster.


The creature goes on the hunt and Buffy follows it to a local spot where Harmony, Cordelia and others are gathering to listen to some music. Spike steps in to kill the creature and Buffy joins in until the creature speaks to her and lets her know that they are bonded. It’s a sweet moment interrupted by Drusilla and Spike threatening Buffy. When her friends arrive on the scene, the Vampires retreat, but Dru has plans for the Slayer and her friends.

Jordie Bellaire crafts another fun and funny issue with this story. All of the characters feel alive and vibrant through their dialogue and interactions and it has the pacing and tone of an episode of the series the comic is based on. The humor works and the end of the issue does a great job of enticing the reader to come back for more.

Dan Mora’s art is amazing. All of the pages are filled with beautiful details and the action is great.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #3




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