BOMG_Cv7Books of Magic #7

DC Vertigo Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler and Brian Churilla

Colors by Jordan Boyd

Letters by Todd Klein

Everyone seems to have some memory of Tim Hunter and those memories reveal a bigger mystery for the boy wizard.

As the investigation at his school continues, the detectives on the case find that Tim Hunter’s name is being mentioned more and more. As their curiosity grows, their interest in the boy increases.


Unfortunately, the fact that Tim is on an adventure with Dr. Rose to find his missing classmate makes him unavailable to defend himself as the pair move from world to world trying to find the right one. Rose believes that Tim’s owl can help them, but they are further stymied when they can’t find it. Rose manages to find another door, but the force behind it is insanely powerful and the pair is sent to another world they weren’t expecting and taken to see its Queen. A queen that has more memories of Tim Hunter and his adventures.

Books of Magic continues to be both fun and engaging and that has a lot to do with the writing by Kat Howard. There is a sense of immediacy in the dialogue and it really helps to drive the narrative forward in a way that makes the reader like part of the adventure. It’s gratifying to see that the real life issues that Tim has to deal with continue despite his absence and its that absence itself that is fueling a lot of it.

Tom Fowler and Brian Churilla really engage the reader with the art in the issue. If the story has a sense of immediacy to it, the art helps move the story forward with scenes that engage the reader in movement and action.

Books of Magic #7




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