Books of Magic #22

DC Comics

Written by David Barnett

Art by Tom Fowler

Colors by Craig Taillefer

Letters by Marissa Louise

The Rundown: Tim Hunter’s life is going to get more complicated as he goes on trial and his actions potentially create three more enemies for him to face.


Tim has been arrested by two pint-sized ghosts who are determined to bring him to trial for the crimes he has yet to commit. In order to make things fair, Tim is allowed to have help so he calls in Dr. Rose and Izzy to help him.

At the same time, three of his classmates. The three who have been connected to Tim’s use of magic in one way or another have been transported to the land of Destiny of the Endless and given the opportunity to choose what they do next. When they choose something the secret triumvirate didn’t expect, they will have to move up their timetable and take matters into their own hands. That includes revealing their identities to the kids.

The Story: David Barnett breaks this story in two and also brings in one of the Endless to lead the reader into a well executed finale. Unfortunately, the main story involving Tim being put on trial drags so much that it weakens the overall issue. Had the story focused on Tim’s classmates dealing with Destiny, it would have been a lot more interesting and given the ending more emotional impact. The issue was okay, but could have been a lot better without the Tim Hunter trial.

The Art: Tom Fowler does a fine job with the art in the issue. Had the story been more compelling, the art would have probably been more exciting, but the final reveal pages and the moments with Destiny are done really well.

Books of Magic #22




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