BOMG_Cv21Books of Magic #21

DC Comics

Written by David Barnett

Art by Tom Fowler

Finishes by Craig Taillefer

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: A new student transfers to Tim’s school and the Cold Flame decides to go after Tim using people close to him.


Tim has been having some interesting dreams since his last trip and he finds out who is responsible for them when Izzy transfers to his school. Her presence not only gets the attention of Dr. Rose, but also the three students in the school who are determined to have Tim stopped from doing magic one way or another.

The Cold Flame decides to enlist someone to deliver a special gift to the three students. While Tim is paying a visit to the Dreaming to look for the Book of Possibilities, his schoolmates will find themselves in the presence of its mysterious master.

The Story: David Barnett takes the story back to Tim and his interpersonal conflicts in this issue. Grounding the story makes it more interesting and expands Tim’s world in a way that makes me curious about where the story will go next. Tim’s trip to the Dreaming was a highlight, but I am glad that it didn’t linger there too long.

The Art: Tom Fowler continues to create some impressive visuals in this issue and the look of the Dreaming is a definite visual highlight.

Books of Magic #21




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