STL130032Books of Magic #12

DC Comics/ Vertigo Comics

Written by Kat Howard

Art by Tom Fowler, Craig Tellefer and Brian Churilla

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: Tim takes the first step down the path of a dark journey as he does what he needs to in order to save his friends.


Tim comes home to find his father in a state that can only have been created with magic. When he finds his mother tearing his room apart looking for the Books of Magic, Tim learns the truth and purges the entity from the house. Unfortunately, that’s only the beginning of the problems he’ll face that day.

When Ellie and a friend go to see Dr. Rose about Ellie’s fear of the librarian, they find both teachers locked in a magical battle that threatens to destroy the entire school. Tim must intervene to save everyone, but will the choice he makes to save them doom him and his soul?

The Story: Kat Howard has taken the reader on a great, intense journey with these characters and the end of this issue opens up the story to take new and exciting directions. I enjoy the descent into darkness that is tempting Tim and his act to save his friends seems to have more significance than we think. I can’t wait to see how that part of the story, the consequences of what Tim has done and Tim’s world evolves and changes in the next issue.

The Art: Tom Fowler, Craig Tellefer and Brian Churilla deliver some great art in this issue. The characters look amazing. I would have liked to see the action expand a little bit. Those great moments felt muted by being confined to one area.

Books of Magic #12




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