Bolero #5

Image Comics

Written by Wyatt Kennedy

Art by Luana Vecchio

Letters by Brandon Graham

The Rundown: Devyn Dagny confronts her past in an epic search for solace.

In the past, Devyn has issues at school, prompting her father to take her to therapy and spend more time with her. Later at school, she asks a friend to throw her a party. Twenty years later, Devyn has zero hops left. She visits her ailing mother and the two have an emotional conversation. Afterwards, something unexpected happens. Soon, she finds herself in Capgrass’s universe and makes a difficult decision. Then a series of universe jumps, and unusual interactions lead to a meeting between Devyn and her younger self. Eight years later, Devyn goes about her daily life in a positive manner.

The Story: Kennedy’s heartbreakingly beautiful narrative regarding self-reflection concludes in this hope filled series finale. Devyn’s travels through time and dimensions allows her to fully realize how her experiences developed her life, as well as how the people therein defined the woman she is. This story feels so relatable. It’s a raw and honest look at mental health and the ways it affects someone. With Capgrass’s help, Devyn was finally able to see herself for who she was, and I’m sure anyone who has been to therapy can attest, the catharsis of finding yourself is worth the pain it takes to get there. I really enjoyed this series and I saw myself in Devyn in many ways. There are many takeaways in this story, and I truly hope it helps someone see themselves in a new way.

The Art: This issue contains graphic adult content including nudity. The illustration is crafted in a modern styling and has an appropriately dreamlike quality to many of the scenes. And the colorwork relies heavily on pastels, but changes with location and mood in a way that is both eye-catching and emotionally engaging.

Bolero #5



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