Blood Stained Teeth #1

Image Comics

Written by Christian Ward

Art by Patric Reynolds

Colors by Heather Moore

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Atticus Sloane discovers that his side business of turning people into vampires will come at a price.

Atticus Sloane is a first born vampire with the ability to turn humans into, what are called in his world, sips. Unfortunately, sips have a tendency to advertise what they’ve become and that isn’t good in a vampire hierarchy that treasures its anonymity. Something Atticus is going to learn the hard way when he attends a first born party and discovers that one of the sips he made is on the menu. He also doesn’t realize that he is being followed.

Atticus is confronted about his activities and blows up at some very powerful men. In the aftermath, they pay him a visit at his home and violently give him an assignment. One that will have him hunt down every sip he has made and end them or he’s next.

The Story: Ward crafts an entertaining first issue with this story. The characters are engaging and interesting while the stakes are intriguing. The world of the story is interesting and there is a great mystery being crafted as well with the person following Atticus. I’m definitely intrigued with the world of this story and interested in seeing where the plot goes next.

The Art: Reynolds delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. There is a beautiful film noir style to the art that brilliantly captures the shadows and shades of the world.

Blood Stained Teeth #1



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