Blade Runner Origins #4

Titan Comics

Written by K. Perkins & Mellow Brown

Art by Fernando Dagnino

Colors by Marco Lesko

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Detective Cal Moreaux makes an unexpected discovery while hunting down a replicant.

Moreaux chases a suspect through the streets of Los Angeles. He is spotted by Effie, who then tries desperately to gain his attention. Tragedy strikes during a confrontation between Moreaux and an enemy. And soon after, an enlightening conversation occurs between him and someone unexpected. Moreaux must then decide how to proceed.

The Story: Perkins and Brown’s riveting narrative has high stakes for all the characters involved. And the main villain is both frightening and compelling. I want to know more about her history and motivations. But, that has been the case for all the players that have been introduced. The content in this episode is well thought out and plays well with the prevalent action that takes place.

The Art: This issue is sublime. The extremely detailed drawings of Dagnino are wonderfully paired with the dark and muted coloring of Lesko. The action oriented panels are engaging and transportive. And the character expressions perfectly convey the intensity of the tale.

Blade Runner Origins #4



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