736562._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Black Widow #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Jen and Sylvia Soska

Art by Flaviano

Colors by Veronica Gandini

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Natasha has had enough and is taking the fight to anyone connected to No Restraints Play.

Her mission doesn’t just target the people behind the site, but the customers who pay money to watch it as well. Her first step is to teach a lesson to a group of locals and at the same time deliver a message to the entire island that “No Restraints Play” is exactly what she’s going to deliver to anyone involved with the site.


The public message starts people talking and that is exactly what Widow is wanting. She begins her investigation in earnest and begins to make traction in learning about a gathering that night. When a local woman shows Natasha what is happening to the children caught in the middle, she becomes more determined to end No Restraints Play once and for all. Unfortunately, the next part of her investigation puts her in the crosshairs of a yacht full of supervillains.

The Soska sisters don’t pull any punches in this issue. They craft a story that puts the reader firmly on team Black Widow as she cuts a swath through the worst of the worst in Madripoor. The dialogue is great, especially when Natasha talks about how and what she is feeling. The fact that she recognizes the darkness and embraces it anyway makes for an interesting dramatic journey that I want to follow.

Flaviano’s art is bursting with detail and energy. Almost every page feels like it is in motion because of the brilliant details and camera angels. There is so much of this issue that looks great.

Black Widow #2




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