720103._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Black Panther #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Kev Walker

Colors by Stephane Paitreau

Letters by Joe Sabino

The rebels take a dangerous chance to capture someone close to the emperor.

Emperor N’Jadaka is excited that his young daughter is interested in learning about the kingdom that her father rules and he assures his wife that he is going to teach her.


At the same time, a young man finds that he is losing more money than he expected on one of the Pleasure ships and when he decides to quit gambling, a young woman nearby proves to be a different sport for the confidant and important man. When he attempts to woo the young lady, the ship is attacked.

The rebels, led by M’Baku have targeted the man in an attempt to extract him from the ship. They attack and prepare to board and take him by force, but T’Challa intervenes with another plan. One that will hopefully, secure the man so that they can use him to recover something they have all lost, their memories.

The pace of this story seems deliberately slow and that’s a good thing. Coates is taking his time to tell a story from different perspectives with rising stakes for some characters and possible revelations for others. After last weeks N’Jadaka centric story, it was important to get back to a sense of the larger story outside the interpersonal and conflicts and character journeys.

The art in this issue is refreshing from some of the previous issues. The gritty art from the more battle heavy stories has been replaced with a softer style that allows the characters and their expressions to come through more. Both styles work for this arc and I enjoy that this style was used in this issue.

Black Panther #7




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