Black Lightning Series Moving to New Home

In a move that was all but inevitable given the subject matter, the Black Lightning series is moving from Fox to the CW for its pilot.


Super-Producer (no pun intended) Greg Berlanti already has a slew of DC Comics superhero shows he’s producing including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash. When it was announced that he would be producing another series based on the DC Comics character Black Lightning for Fox, many fans were left shaking their heads wondering why the series would be showcased on that network instead of on the CW, which is owned by DC Comics’ parent company Warner Brothers. Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are both confirming that the series pilot has been moved to the CW after Fox passed on the series. Fox had previously committed to a pilot order, so many are wondering why they would pass.


Black Lightning is the tale of Jefferson Pierce, a man from the Suicide Slum section of Metropolis, who has spent years hiding his metahuman powers until he decides to start using them to help the people around him. Black Lightning’s powers include generation and control of electrical energy, flight and force field generation.

There’s still no word on casting or production, but we will keep you informed as the information comes in. Hopefully, this move to the CW means another multi-night, multi-series crossover in our future.


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