Black Hammer Visions #8

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by David Rubin

Colors by David Rubin

Letters by David Rubin

The Rundown: A young man’s foolish ways will make him a powerful dark hero.

An old man tells his favorite orderly about a series of thefts in the nursing home he lives in. As he beds down for the evening, a story of a young thief stealing from the dead is revealed. In a letter to his son, the young man recounts his life and how it changed when his quest to end his thieving ways gets sidetracked by a new opportunity. A funeral procession becomes his next target, but this body has something different about it. Something that attracts the young man, but comes with a heavy price.

As the old man makes a promise to his friend, the young man enjoys the spoils of his robbery in the past. Unfortunately, his theft comes with a heavy price as his deed turns him into a defender of the dead called the Horseless Rider. When the orderly decides to end the threat of the old man, something happens that connects both men to the Horseless Rider again.

The Story: Snyder crafts a beautiful story that will keep you guessing right up until the end. The dialogue is fantastic and the intricacies of the story keep you engaged with every plot twist and turn. The story is moving in many ways and Snyder manages to bring out a richness to the tale and its characters. An impressive and engaging story with great action and heart.

The Art: Rubin delivers some impressive visuals throughout the issue. There are great character moments to be found as well as awesome action and suspense.

Black Hammer Visions #8



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