Black Hammer Visions #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Johnnie Christmas

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: An aging former superhero finds his legacy in the hands of a younger, more aggressive replacement.

Abe has a pretty good life. He has a girl who loves him, a good business and the peace that most people who leave the superhero life never get. When the government announces that they have found a new sanctioned hero to take to the streets, Abe is worried. When they give this new hero his old name, he is furious.

As he sees the legacy that he built changed by an upstart who prefers to use a gun rather than his fists, Abe decides to suit up and confront the pretender. Their confrontation will leave Abe with some big questions to answer about himself, his life, his legacy and his future.

The Story: Zdarsky crafts a rather poignant and compelling vision of getting older and seeing the world change to something you don’t understand. The story is really powerful and I connected with its themes and characters. There is a relatable aspect to Abe that draws in the reader and his struggles lead to an interesting and unexpected conclusion.

The Art: Christmas does a great job with the art in this issue. The style is great and perfect for both the characters and the tone of the story. I loved the character designs a lot.

Black Hammer Visions #3



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