BlackBadge_003_A_MainBlack Badge #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Tyler Jenkins

Colors by Hillary Jenkins

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Black Badge crew has been grounded following their performance review by the Canadians. After completing a grueling one week refresher course, Kenny volunteers the team to drop into Afghanistan to transport a missing spy across the border. Coincidentally, the mission will also allow the team to look for their missing member Jimmy, who Kenny believes is still alive.


As the mission continues and gets more dangerous, the Black Badge team finds the spy they’re looking for after telling their newest recruit Willy about a mysterious man who kidnaps members of the Black Badge team. As their first mission gets closer to completion, Kenny leads his team into an even more dangerous situation at the hands of an old friend.

The mystery definitely intensifies in this issue as the thing that has been driving Kenny takes a harrowing turn for the team. Matt Kindt continues to fascinate with this series. There are so many intense twists and turns that keep the reader interested and invested in both the characters and the world they inhabit.

Tyler Jenkins’ art really complements the narrative greatly. I love the subtle details in the panels and the way the art flows with the tension of the story. I continue to be interested in where this story is going and what is going to happen next.

Black Badge #3




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