bitter-root-5_ac6e3245b8Bitter Root #5

Image Comics

Written by David F Walker and Chuck Brown

Art by Sanford Greene

Colors by Sanford Greene and Rico Renzi

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Cullen has been pulled into the vortex and when he emerges on the other side he finds someone waiting for him. Someone who knows who he is.

As Harlem continues to be attacked, Dr. Sylvester decides to take the fight to Enoch. When the spells Enoch casts don’t work, he realizes that something is different about this jinoo. In order to stop him, it takes the rest of the family fighting together to drive him back. As he retreats, the creature loses someone close to him and vows revenge on the family.


Back at the Sangeryes, the family is rallying to help those who came to them for help. Enoch tries to cure Berg of his infection. Ma tries to educate Blink about why they are helping others. Ford prepares to do what is necessary to stop Berg if he can’t be cured.

When Sylvester decides to attack the family directly, new allies arrive. Allies who are very familiar.

David F Walker and Chuck Brown continue to craft an exciting, entertaining thrill ride with this latest adventure. New allies are emerging, new mysteries are being introduced and both the plot and the characters continue to be compelling and interesting to the reader.

Sanford Greene’s beautiful artwork perfectly complements the tone of the story and makes everything look amazing through details and composition that engage visually.


Bitter Root #5




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