Bitter Root #14

Image Comics

Written by David F Walker and Chuck Brown

Art by Sanford Greene

Colors by Sofie Dodgson

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: As the threat of the Jinoo increases, Enoch discovers that there might be more to their fight.

As the war with the Jinoo rages throughout the city, Enoch contemplates their strategy and posits that there might be something that they are collectively missing. Something that could change the nature of the war they are fighting and he gets to work trying to find out what that is. In 1922 he makes a discovery in the midst of his experiements. A discovery that could change everything they know about the war they face, the enemy they fight and the world they live in.

Back in the present, Blink is leading an army against the jinoo, but she is having serious doubts about herself and her leadership. Something that could cost all of them. Sylvester continues his investigation in the dark world of Barzakh and makes a decision about seeking more knowledge from an ancient source. Ma Etta makes a dangerous trip to the other side. In Virginia, the refugees heading back towards Harlem find their path blocked by more supernatural terrors that they must face together if they hope to survive.

The Story: Walker and Brown bring all the separate personal stories into beautiful focus in this issue. Every character is dealing with issues of faith and belief in themselves while the external threats continue to grow. The dialogue is fantastic both internal and external. The tone is somber and serious, but you feel part of every moment. The plot is immediately engaging and every part has an energy that is building to something big to come.

The Art: Greene kills it with every page in this issue. There are so many great character moments and moods throughout the issue and the art hits all of them perfectly.

Bitter Root #14



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