A new Justice League trailer was released today and already the camps on both sides are either singing its praises or deriding it for their own reasons. As a fan of both Marvel and DC Comics and movies, I still remain optimistic. Unfortunately, there is one thing that worries me about the upcoming Justice League movie.

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Following the release of the trailer and in my subsequent posting of it as well as looking through social media for reactions, I saw a tweet from Jim Lee, Co-Publisher of DC Comics. In the tweet, he asked what people thought of the trailer and I responded.



The main conceit of the Justice League both in the comics and, presumably, on the screen is that you cannot save the world alone. The studio is even using that line in their marketing. If that is to be believed than the inclusion of Superman in any situation should not shift the balance of power one way or another because it’s the team dynamic that brings them victory. Unfortunately, it is looking more and more like Superman’s presence in the new film will be the ultimate Deus Ex Machina, negating the need for a team in the first place.

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I hope I’m wrong. I want to believe that Superman’s inclusion in the film will be as the final piece of the puzzle fitting into place as the team defeats the forces of Steppenwolf and Darkseid. If that is the case, than having him come back earlier than the final act gives him time to acclimate to the team he is joining and gives audiences a sense that there is a purpose for this team coming together. If he swoops in closer to the finale, than you take away the league aspects of the film and it devolves into Superman coming in to save the day.

I’ll continue to remain optimistic that the production understands this.

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