Big Trouble in Little Chinas Old Man Jack #10

Boom! Studios

Written by John Carpenter and Anthony Burch

Art by Jorge Corona

Colors by Gabriel Cassata

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Jack Burton has everything he could ever want in a place he remembers fondly from his youth and it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him thanks to David Lo Pan.


After killing everyone Jack cares about, he’s confined Jack to his own personal hell and decides that torturing him is more fun than killing him. As brutal as Lo Pan tries to be in the punishments he inflicts on Jack, he’s not getting what he wants from his old nemesis and one time ally, satisfaction. It’s a lesson both the demon and his minion learn the hard way as everything they do to Jack blows up in their faces because he just isn’t into it. It’s a fun piece of writing that conveys emotion through Jack’s lack of emotion. It’s almost the ultimate middle finger to Lo Pan.

Unsatisfied with torturing Jack Burton, Lo Pan has decided that he’s got bigger fish to fry. He’s going to kill God and destroy Heaven. An act that brings Egg back from the afterlife to Jack’s butt in gear and prompts Jack to make a deal with Thunder that gets him exactly what he wants while giving Jack a first class trip to the pearly gates where his deeds get weighed to see if he’s worthy. Of course all hell breaks loose and Jack finds himself the target of more than just Lo Pan.

The best part of this story is that tongue is planted firmly in cheek as far as the characters and the stakes are concerned. It’s a fun aside for the character that gives just enough emotional growth from Jack to make him interesting without making him weak. The dialogue is great and really gives a sense of fun to even the most potentially serious of moments. Worth reading.

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