Beyond the Pale #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Christofer Emgard

Art by Tomas Aira

Colors by Tomas Aira

Letters by Mauro Mantella

The Rundown: A war correspondent finds a mystery involving missing soldiers in a warzone.

Reporter Hetta Sawyer finds herself on a chopper in the middle of Vietnam traveling with a group of soldiers replacing a group that have gone missing. As she finds herself immersed in the death and politics of the war, she contemplates another part of her mission. A mission to discover why several soldiers have mysteriously disappeared.

After getting to her destination, she begins to ask questions of some of the hostile soldiers around her not use to having a black woman asking them about their fellow soldiers. Questions that will lead to one person being killed in front of her and a small patrol going missing while they go looking for the culprit.

The Story: Emgard delivers a great first issue with a compelling mystery set in an interesting location and time. I like the tone of the story a lot and there is a great dark tone to the plot that drew my attention. I like the subtle introduction of the supernatural elements of the story and how they can be misinterpreted differently by the reader. The first issue does a great job of creating a group of characters that the reader connects with and a protagonist with compelling interests.

The Art: Aira delivers great art throughout the issue. The art style is beautifully detailed and fun with a wonderful use of shadow throughout.

Beyond the Pale #1



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