Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Patrick Horvath

Art by Patrick Horvath

Colors by Patrick Horvath

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Sam decides to find the killer herself before people start wondering about her own dark activities.

The panic in the town is slowly building in the wake of the violent murder of one of their own and Sam is concerned that murders in the town will put a spotlight on her own serial killer activities. When one of the more vocal townspeople makes her presence felt, she paints a target on her own back.

While Sam talks to her neighbors and friends to find a clue on who the new killer in town is, the town’s rudest resident takes a stroll and winds up the new killer’s next victim.

The Story: Horvath brilliantly craft a clever and entertaining follow up to the first issue. The story is getting more engaging and the cast of characters more interesting with every moment. I continue to enjoy having a serial killer hunt a serial killer and how that investigation will evolve. I also really enjoyed seeing a character get her comeuppance and how clever it turned out to be.

The Art: Horvath provides beautifully detailed art of an idyllic place and people. I love the visual style and how it frames the beauty of the town right before introducing graphic violence that has a visceral look to it.

Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees #2



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