Beneath the Trees where Nobody Sees #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Patrick Horvath

Art by Patrick Horvath

Colors by Patrick Horvath

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Samantha Strong hides a dark secret in her quiet little town and she’ll soon discover she’s not the only one.

Samantha lives in the quiet suburban town of Woodbrook. A place where everyone knows everyone else and life is filled with parades and small town charm. Samantha also loves to leave her small town for the nearby city where she stalks and murders her victims.

When she returns to town and attends the local parade with her fellow townspeople, a horrifying reveal will let Samantha know she is not the only killer in town.

The Story: I was literally blown away by the first issue of this series. Horvath starts with a beautiful, ideal vision of a quiet little town and then turns the story on a dime with a reveal that was a complete shock. A reveal that leads to a deeper mystery that immediately got my attention for its compelling and surprising moments. An incredibly engaging and surprising first issue.

The Art: Horvath delivers some beautiful art that perfectly complements the quiet tension of the story. The picturesque landscapes and characters are visually charming and the murderous, violent reveals are a visual jolt after being drawn in by the quiet tone of the art.

Beneath the Trees where Nobody Sees #1



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