Announced today at the CW Upfronts, details about the next Arrowverse crossover event were revealed as the network discussed their latest slate of new and returning shows and this announcement was big.


Every year since the Arrowverse, a collection of DC Comics based shows on the CW Network, began to grow there has been a crossover event that showcased characters from each show working together to solve a problem they couldn’t solve on their own. Whether it be an alien invasion or an attack from an alternate universe, the heroes of the Arrowverse DC universe band together to take on the threat and this upcoming season the crossover will introduce another DC Comics character; Batwoman.

Arrow star Stephen Amell and CW President Mark Pedowitz announced the inclusion of the character and how she will expand the Arrowverse. “This is the first time ever that Batwoman makes a live-action appearance on any screen,” Pedowitz said. He also added that with Batwoman’s inclusion comes Gotham City as well. Something that will excite DC Comics fans from all over.


Now word yet on who will be playing the character of Batwoman or which iteration of the character that they will use. Whether they use the classic Kathy Kane version or the current Kate Kane iteration of the character, it looks like the CW Arrowverse is looking to expand again.

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