With the recent news that Justice League star Ben Affleck would be handing off the Batman mantle to a new actor, speculation has already begun about who should put on the cape and cowl for Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman.


To add to the growing list of possible actors to take on the Dark Knight, we humbly submit our list of who could take on the role of Batman.

Michael Fassbender


With the upcoming acquisition of Fox and the return of the X-Men universe to Marvel, Michael Fassbender’s time as X-Men villain Magneto is likely over. That being said, he could easily transition over from Fox to Warner Brothers to take on the role of Batman. Fassbender has the range, talent and charisma to play the brooding hero. With more of an emphasis being placed on the detective side of the Dark Knight Detective, Fassbender could definitely be believable as an investigator.

Jon Hamm


Jon Hamm has been a fan favorite for the role of Batman for years and both his looks and acting ability have solidified his position as a serious contender for the role. As much as we love the actor and his charm, there are two things working against his taking on the role of Batman. First, from everything we’ve gathered about Reeves’ film, he’s going with a younger Dark Knight and Hamm is actually a year older than Ben Affleck. Secondly, while he physically embodies the look of Bruce Wayne, being a great Bruce Wayne does not guarantee that one can be an effective Batman. Just as George Clooney.

Tom Ellis


Tom Ellis plays Lucifer Morningstar on the hit television series based on the DC Vertigo comic. On the show he plays the demon as charismatic with a darkness brewing beneath the surface. Sound familiar? Ellis would not be the first Brit to take on the role of Batman. Brit actors have become uniquely adept at taking on traditionally American roles this could be a breakout one for Ellis since he has no franchise films in his resume.

Sam Claflin


Sam Claflin is known for his roles in series like The Pillars of the Earth as well as roles in The Hunger Games series and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Although he’s a talented actor, Claflin doesn’t have a high profile in Hollywood. This makes him a really good candidate for a “breakout” role such as this.

Penn Badgley


The Gossip Girl star has had a breakout role as a handsome, charismatic stalker in the Netflix series ‘You’. Badgley definitely has the look, especially in those moments when he’s staring intently at his target. It might be interesting to see that kind of intensity behind the mask. Especially, if the film is a serious detective story.

So those are our picks of who could take over as Batman for Matt Reeves’ film. What do you think of our list? Who would be your choice to take over the role? Let us know in the comments below.

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