Battle Chasers #10

Image Comics

Written by Joe Madureira

Art by Ludo Lullabi

Colors by Ludo Lullabi

Letters by Richard Starkings and Tyler Smith

The Rundown: Garrison fights to defend an injured Monika while Gully seeks answers from an old foe.

After Monika’s encounter with Lord August, she is severely injured and brought to the home of Garrison who is not happy to see her. As he tells her where she needs to go in order to be safe, Maestro and his new group of Paladins have tracked them both to the house and prepare to attack. An attack that will force the pair to flee and an act of vengeance will result in a fight to the death.

At the same time, Gully pays a visit to Sebastius to demand the truth. Unfortunately, the answer she gets forces her to confront the king’s forces for the fate of her gauntlets. A confrontation that could cost a friend his life.

The Story: As someone who read and collected every issue of Battle Chasers during its first run, I was excited to see Madureira return to finish the story and this issue took me back to that world and its characters seamlessly. The story is exciting, thrilling and filled with great action and intrigue. The interpersonal drama is compelling and Madureira doesn’t lose a step when it comes to engaging the reader in this fantasy world. I literally went back into my long boxes to reread the first nine issues to immerse myself back into the world after reading this one.

The Art: Ludo Lullabi delivers some beautifully detailed and gorgeously exciting art. The characters look amazing and the action is fantastic. I love the style of art and how it perfectly complements the tone of the story.

Battle Chasers #10



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