Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #5

DC Comics

Written by Sean Murphy and Katana Collins

Art by Matteo Scalera

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Harley confronts the Producer and his Starlet and the investigation hits close to home.

Confronting the Starlet, Hector has to make a decision of whether he is going to save Harley or the woman who raised him like a mother. When he makes his decision, the villains escape and Harley finds herself in the hospital being confronted by Ivy who has some advice for her old friend. Advice that has Harley thinking back to Jack’s first days as Joker.

After returning home with her kids, she and Duke discuss the case and what comes next. When an explosion rocks Harley’s home, Bruce tries to find a way to help her, but he might be too late to save someone close to Harley.

The Story: Murphy and Collins do a great job of moving the story forward as well as ramping up the tension in this issue. Harley’s struggles both externally and emotionally are consistently interesting and having Ivy step in to help is a great touch. I enjoyed the interlude with Bruce and his confrontation with Jason was well done.

The Art: Scalera delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. Not only are there great character moments, but there is some thrilling action as well.

Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #5



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