Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #3

DC Comics

Written by Katana Collins and Sean Murphy

Art by Matteo Scalera

Letters by Dave Stewart

The Rundown: The investigation takes some strange and personal twists for Harley and the agent she’s working with.

Simon Trent is being held by a mysterious attacker who wants to know more about his time in Hollywood and specifically about an actress he knew in his youth. As the Grey Ghost stalls for time, he manages to escape his bonds and fight back against his kidnapper. At the same time, Harley and Hector are having dinner and discussing the case when a call comes in that forces the pair and Harley’s sleeping kids to have to go to the crime scene.

When they discover a connection to Hector’s mother, Harley and Allen travel to Hector’s home to talk to his mother and Harley learns more than she bargained for about her new partner. Meanwhile, the killer and her benefactor make the decision to take their new production to the public.

The Story: Collins and Murphy make the story more personal and interesting in this issue. There are some great moments with Harley dealing with ghosts of her past and her life as a doctor at Arkham. The dialogue and mystery continue to be compelling and interesting both narratively and thematically. I am invested in this story and its characters and the story even makes the villains interesting as well as the story unfolds with surprises and unexpected details.

The Art: The look of the story continues to be another draw for me as a reader. I love the way the characters look on the page as well as the color scheme and visual style. A great looking issue.

Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #3



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