Batman The Imposter #3

DC Comics

Written by Mattson Tomlin

Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Batman tracks down the imposter while Bruce deals with his recent actions towards someone he cares about.

Bruce and Leslie’s sessions continue to get more intense as the police ramp up their investigation into Batman. As Bruce deals with what he had to do to get answers from Otis Flannegan, the man himself is in an interrogation room sobbing about the loss of his “friendship” with Batman. A loss that will drive him to a desperate act when confronted by one of the detectives. The information about the sewers will lead Batman into the tunnels beneath Gotham and into the lair of the imposter.

When the police arrive and Batman ends up in a battle with the imposter, he makes another realization. One that will test his new relationship when he has to tell her the truth of who he really is. After putting his trust in her, Batman finds himself in the middle of a tense confrontation with the imposter where learning the truth about the man’s identity might not save his legacy in Gotham.

The Story: Tomlin brings this story to a satisfying conclusion. While I enjoyed the dual stories and the rising tension throughout, I thought the finale was a little rushed. The Bruce/Leslie dynamic was great and I wanted more of it as she seemed to be getting to the root of some of his issues. I like the finale a lot and there was a lot of great, gritty action to be found, but I wish the story was a little longer so that all of the character conflicts could be fully explored.

The Art: Sorrentino delivers some amazing art in this issue. The visuals were beautifully done and the gritty nature of the story is perfectly complemented by the art style.

Batman The Imposter #3



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