Batman The Brave and the Bold #4

DC Comics

Written by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Ed Brisson, Rob Williams and Meghan Fitzmartin

Art by Kelley Jones, Pasquale Qualano, Stefano Landini and Belen Ortega

Colors by Michelle Madsen, Ivan Plascencia and Antonio Fabela

Letters by Rob Leigh, Saida Temofonte, Simon Bowland and Pat Brosseau

The Rundown: Four new stories of the heroes and anti-heroes of the DC Universe.

Enter the Abyss

A series of missing people in the city prompts Batman to investigate. An investigation that will bring him face to face with a woman who has lived in Gotham before it was a settlement and is connection to an ancient darkness that is working through the city.

A wonderfully dark and engaging story that brilliantly encapsulates everything great about Batman and his connection to Gotham. I loved the lore, the surprises and what they could mean for the character going forward.

Stormwatch: Down with the Kings Part 4

Stormwatch members continue to be haunted by nightmares as they fight them and their own demons while the rest of the world is affected by Insomnia. As the team deals with their fears, one of them begins to question her role on the team and the mission of Stormwatch itself.

A thrilling adventure with some entertaining moments and a great tease of the cracks in Stormwatch’s mission and leadership. I like giving the reader more insight into the characters through their fears.

Harcourt: Second Life Part 1

Emilia Harcourt has come back from the dead and her first stop is an underground club filled with criminals and one of them is the man who murdered her. As she displays her new powers and mission, she thinks back on the events that brought her back and the woman who now controls her second life.

An interesting and compelling debut for a character that could have some interesting stories to tell in the future. I liked the intrigue of the story as well as the action and the character is interesting enough to make me want to know more about her.

My Family

Bane and Hush have teamed up to take the city and Batman goes into battle with his family behind him. As he takes a devastating hit that might be his last, he considers his life, the moment that made him and the people he has found a new family with.

An entertaining and thrilling short story that exemplifies everything great about Batman and his family. I also loved the art throughout and how dramatic and beautifully detailed it was.

Batman The Brave and the Bold #4



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