Batman the Brave and the Bold #3

DC Comics

Written by Dennis Culver, Ed Brisson, Christopher Cantwell, Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing

Art by Otto Schmidt, Jeff Spokes, Javier Rodriguez and Jorge Molina

Colors by Pierluigi, Jeff Spokes and Javier Rodriguez

Letters by Pat Brosseau, Saida Temofonte, Simon Bowland and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Four new stories of Batman and his allies taking on new threats.

Mr. Baseball

A new killer is making his way through the underworld and Batman wants to know who he is. After killing some of the underworld’s best men, the killer known as Mr. Baseball sets his sights on their boss. When Batman gets to the criminal first, he wants to know more about the man he’s facing and discovers that this calculated killer accounted for the Dark Knight’s intervention as well.

An entertaining story. While the concept of this new criminal in Gotham doesn’t particularly excite me, he is interesting. I look forward to seeing more of him, but the name “’Mr. Baseball” is meh.

Stormwatch: Down with the Kings Part 3

The Stormwatch team breaks into Halo in order to secure a threat that almost beat Cyborg. A threat that one of the new members knows is part of a bigger plan that Bones might not be aware of. As the team fights to secure their package, it escapes and the death it deals to others forces Ravager to think about her role on the team in a new way.

I like the intrigue of the story a lot and how it continues to evolve the characters and their conflicts.

Superman: Order of the Black Lamp Part 3

Things take a more dangerous turn when Superman discovers not only the hero of his youth is alive and well, but that there is someone else using the two of them in a twisted scheme to not only keep himself alive, but to control the memory of the world. A scheme that will take both heroes to try to stop, but it might already be too late.

An exciting, classic Superman style story with great adventure and an awesome twist.

City of Monsters

Kirk Langstrom rules Gotham with terror and an army of monsters. A lone human touched by tragedy will use the visage of the bat to take on Langstrom one on one to end his reign of terror.

A great Elseworlds style story that hits all the beats that make the character of Batman unique and compelling.

Batman the Brave and the Bold #3



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