Batman Solo Film Moving Towards Page One Rewrite while Studio Searches for Director

In another move that many are speculating is a recurring problem at DC Films, it is being reported by Forbes that the Solo Batman film might be going back to the drawing board. 


After writer/director and star Ben Affleck sent out a press release announcing that he was stepping down as director of the solo film, Warner Brothers immediately starting searching for a replacement. As more and more issues seem to plague the productions of their DC Comics slate of films, speculation began to then focus on the script.

The original script by Affleck and Goeff Johns was rewritten by Argo scribe Chris Terrio. With the prospect of having to find a new director, a new script seems likely to follow as the film’s production looks like its going to be moved to 2019. A page one rewrite for Ezra Miller’s solo Flash film is already happening and a similar rewrite for Batman could be the best thing to happen to the film and the universe that they are trying to build.


This is their opportunity to take a step back and re-focus on the brand and what they want to accomplish big picture. This also takes the pressure off the production by stepping back from the urge to compete with Marvel and focus on what fans love about Batman. I would encourage the people at Warner Brothers to find out what is making the DC Comics Rebirth titles so popular and use that data to craft their big screen world.

If they take the time to focus on producing a quality Batman film instead of just another product, I guarantee they’ll be rewarded for it.

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